2016 WOD

2016lbs Ground to Overhead
20 Hand Release push-ups
16 DB or KB Right Arm Push Press
20 pull-ups
16 DB or KB Left Arm Push Press
20 Air Squats
16 DB or KB Right Arm Power Clean
20 double unders (60 singles)
16 DB or KB Left Arm Power Clean
20 sit ups
16 DB or KB Right Arm Power Snatch
20 burpees
16 DB or KB Left Arm Power Snatch
20 lunges per leg
16 DB or KB Right Arm Thruster
20 Box jumps
16 DB or KB Left Arm Thruster
2016 pounds ground to overhead**

Suggested weights are a 50lbs DB or KB for men and a 30lbs DB or KB for women. Scale to your ability.

**Loading x rep options for ground to overhead

185×11 reps
155×13 reps
135×15 reps
115×18 reps
95×21 reps
75×27 reps
65×31 reps
45×45 reps
35×58 reps

Rules: You have to lift 2016 pounds at the beginning and at the end of the WOD, please ONLY select loads and reps listed above. So, if you select 135lbs you will have to perform 15 reps of ground to overhead at the beginning and 15 reps at the end of the WOD. Ground to overhead, can be clean and jerk (power or split), clean and press, or any snatch. It is your choice to decide what is the best option for you. Either way you are moving around 2016 lbs from the ground to overhead. For this WOD we will also consider 63lbs as 65lbs for arguments sake, as well as all the other odd numbers that are created when loading a women’s bar. Also, DO NOT bail an empty bar or a bar that has a single 10 lbs plate on either side. Two bumper tens together on each side are ok to bail, a bumper 10 and a small 10 are not. Again, DO NOT BAIL THE 10’s, especially if you are using a men’s bar. If you are using the smaller plates for your loading option or an empty bar, please perform “Just below the knee to overhead” and not ground to overhead, this will be a safer option if you are not using bumper plates. For the (16’s) single arm movements using a dumbbell or Kettle bell is acceptable.

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