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Levi Cooper

Levi Cooper

Owner / Trainer

Our Members come to Coop’s because they get the best workout and suffer with the new people they meet, their fellow warriors. Its also about accountability… each person holds them accountable. We’re building athletes from the ground up.

Coop’s Cross Training specializes in all forms of fitness in a group setting through classes. All fitness levels are welcome, however Coop’s main specialty is beginners. We can scale down every workout to meet your level, but still challenge you to your limits. Our number one goal is to provide a very positive environment to help push beyond what you thought was possible. Coop’s “Building Athletes from the Ground Up”

Stay Involved, Stay Fit

Get Updates and Inspiration Directly From Coop's. Our updates are a great way to give yourself that push.  Let us share our knowledge with you so you can stay active & feel better.  Thank you for being a part of Coop's!  

You're In! Thank you for teaming up with Coop's!

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